The Occulted Meaning of COVID-19

So nice to see some clarity of thought!

Rhyd Wildermuth

I was asked by a few friends my opinion regarding an analysis of the current global pandemic by a somewhat celebrated occultist. That analysis comprised mostly a repetition of someone else’s analysis, accompanied by leading and empty questions following the pattern made popular by the History Channel’s conspiratorial program, “Ancient Aliens.” In that series, between every cut-scene, artfully-crafted rhetorical questions are asked repeatedly in such a manner to leave the viewer feeling as if they’d not been asking questions at all, but rather stating conclusions.

That particular sort of narrative is a neat and shitty trick of conspiracists, as it enables the propagator (or propagandist) to inculcate a kind of certainty within the audience while still maintaining an apparent “critical distance.” That is, because each statement was framed as a question, the conspiracist is able to claim they “never actually said” whatever conclusion the victim reaches: they were merely “wondering…

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