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In 2015, two anarchist witches saw the desperate need for an anti-capitalist voice to confront the profit-driven and exploitative establishment of Pagan publishing. They also saw the need for a magically-driven voice to re-assert the dignity of spiritual cultures in Leftist radicalism.

They created that voice with Gods&Radicals, and many others soon joined them.

From our founding as a website to our expansion as a widely successful book publisher with 14 titles, Gods&Radicals Press has shown the world that resistance can be beautiful, that we do not need to hide our meaning from others, and that meaning can never be for sale.

We do this only with your help.

Our Beautiful Resistance

Gods&Radicals Press is an anti-capitalist, not-for-profit publishing organization. No one owns us. We’re run by a five- women board that supervises the work of our managing editor (Rhyd Wildermuth). Our online journal is edited by Mirna Wabi-Sabi, and…

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