We Are Past the Tipping Point


There are weird times, unsettling times, and then times that make you wonder if the entire universe hadn’t slipped into the grasp of some gibbering Chaos god content to cause widespread destruction and upheaval for the simple pleasure of moving things around.

What does that moment feel like, that first sign that perhaps everything has gone off the rails, when normal slowly starts to drift away and a new reality rips through spacetime, shattering all former probability clouds like a burst from an orgone cannon?

Judging from the recent actions of Il Duce Trump I’ve begun seriously wondering if it’s time to set up an altar to Lord Tzneetch, Changer of Ways. We are in the shit folks, and what we’ve seen is only the first rumbles of a much darker future ahead of us…

When the President does it, that means that it is not illegal.” – Richard…

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