Quand Meme



Do you have a personal motto?  I stole mine from Sarah Bernhardt:  Quand Meme.  NPR says that:

You can translate quand meme in a number of (unsatisfactory) ways: “Even so.” “All the same.” “Despite everything.” “Nevertheless.” “Against all odds.” “No matter what.”

If you’ve ever lived with an abuser, you know that what they count on is that you’ll get tired.  You’ll get overwhelmed.  You’ll get used to what was once unthinkable.  You’ll begin to doubt your own effectiveness.  You’ll give up.

And, make no mistake about it, Trump and his gang are abusers.

So what can we do?  We can refuse to give up.  We can look at all that they throw at us and we can say, “Quand Meme.”

A few weeks ago, it took several tries to even get through to the Senate switchboard.  This morning, I got through on my very first try.  But that…

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