Foreword to A Beautiful Resistance: Left Sacred

A reminder.


A Beautiful Resistance: Left Sacredis the third issue of the Gods&Radicals journal. This is the foreword, by Margaret Killjoy.

These are the moments we’re made for, you and I.

We were not born for easy lives, we were not born for happy lives. We were born to, in the words of Octavia Butler, shape change and be shaped by it in turn. Because God, according to Butler, is Change.

* * *

There’s a scene in a movie I love, a scene I think about far too often. The movie is Edelweisspiraten. It’s about the Edelweiss Pirates, a youth subculture from Weimar Germany that started as a sort of cultural resistance to the authoritarian and patriotic norms of Nazi Germany and transformed into an autonomous guerrilla resistance force as the situation became more dire.

At one point, our heroes—let’s be honest about what they are, heroes—are raiding a Nazi…

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