Too Weird to Live: The Case for the Individual in a Sick Woman’s World

For those of us who have been diagnosed with a “mental illness”, there’s a lot to unpack here.


What the hell have I gotten myself into? Does this happen to other people?

Synchronicities are everywhere, so much so that I’m beginning to feel paranoid. One essay, one little essay on a website I don’t even read has thrown me into the oblivion and practically ripped my head clean off my shoulders. For days it incubated within me, feeding on previously held constructs and thought-patterns only to burst out of my chest in a bloody and new take on mental health itself. I’m reading about Hell’s Angels, watching Pirates of the Caribbean, and struggling with a desire to load up my wife and cats in a camper and hit the open road.

I’ve developed an extreme aversion to therapy programs even though I’ve never attended one and mutter “sluggish schizophrenia” at odd, random intervals. I’ve researched intentional communities, communes, and even building my own fortified compound off somewhere in…

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