I’ve Got My Apology for Your Inability to Deal with My Emotional Reactions Right Here


So by now you’ve almost certainly seen the Humans of New York post in which Hillary Clinton attempts, one more time, to grovel because, do penance for, and explain why other people perceive her as “cold” and “aloof.”  You know, cold and aloof — negative terms that are reserved almost exclusively for women.  (You know who else acts aloof?  Jeb Bush.  Jeb Bush acts really aloof.  How come he never has to explain that?  So did Steve Jobs.  Steve Jobs could be really aloof.  How come he didn’t have to regularly explain why he seemed so aloof?  You know who else acts cold?  Clarence Thomas.  Karl Rove.  Dick Cheney.  Those cold dudes will cut you and never even look at you.  How come they never have to explain that?)  In the post, Secretary Clinton tries to explain how, from an early age, men who couldn’t control their emotions yelled at…

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