Oaxaca’s Emergency, Oaxaca’s Example


“Oaxaca is not just an emergency, it is an example to be followed.”
— Subcomandante Insurgente Marcos, October, 2006

While in the global North, markets and international alliances  are being shaken by the aftermath of Brexit, and people and communities are being terrorized by the same kind of racist and xenophobic anti-immigrant movements that drove English and Welsh majorities to vote for the United (for the moment) Kingdom to leave the European Union, to our South, in Oaxaca, the resurgence of a liberation movement “from below and to the left,” on the tenth anniversary of the state’s last uprising, Oaxaca has a lot to teach those of us who are dedicated to the end of capitalism and the re-enchantment of the world.

Oaxaca has a long history of struggle. The Zapotec people fiercely defended their sovereignty from the Aztec empire for centuries before they faced Spain’s genocidal invasion…

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