Final Plea Before the Massacre of Ages

Temple of Anjana

Holiness of humanity let your countenance be seen!

Show the rest of the world what I see.

I refuse to give up on humanity

The goodness that it is

The goodness that it can be

Please, I implore you,

Let innocence be thy lamp.

The frail cries from bathroom stalls

Frantic calls to mothers and fathers

The light extinguished is born again.

Oh holy knight,

Oh holy maiden,

Oh holy mother,

Oh holy father,

Right now the world is being buried in the spoils of political savagery.

We have been trained to pass the buck on our sacred birthright,

We have been conditioned to point the finger at the perceived ‘other’

No one is immune from the drug of misinformation, prejudice and greed!

The uncertainty of peace has primed us for war.

Who is spoon feeding us our worst fears?

How many likes can we get on this fallen hero’s…

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