Our Tragedy, Our Rage: The Politics of Precarity


It is a feeling all its own to have The Fates not only work against you, but crush you beneath their heel. Not petty troubles or a small “rough patch,” but to witness entire chunks of your life reduced to ash. The loss of a job, the illness of a loved one, the wrecking of a car, all jump out at us as events where, however powerful we once felt, we find ourselves as playthings for probability… or worse.

It is in these moments of tragedy and sorrow we find the fuel to defy the conditions of our existence.

Precarity and the new Peasantry

Source: http://mclt.deviantart.com/ Source: http://mclt.deviantart.com/

As Mars Retrograde continues to wreck havoc on the less fortunate (including the entire Brazilian people,who now have an American informant for a president) I can’t help but notice the “better off” seem to be doing just fine.

The wealthy, those “of means,” never…

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