Water and Sandwiches and Blankets

Yes. As much as part of me wants to be out there protesting, as angry as I get, my heart just wants everyone to get along, so maybe this is the middle way I need: water, sandwiches, blankets and hugs.

A Thousand Shades of Gray

From our walk this morning From our walk this morning

In the most recent issue of The Sun magazine is a beautiful little essay called The Sudden City by Brian Doyle. He writes about when his sister went to Woodstock Music & Art Fair in 1969. She didn’t spend her time doing drugs or dancing in the mud, but rather when she saw the sheer number of people, “she immediately sought out the medical tent and anyone with a shred of authority who would know how to distribute food and water, and she spent the next three days handing out water and sandwiches and blankets.” He says that the stories that are told about that festival are mostly about the music and how many people attended and all the mud, but that “perhaps the deeper story, the better story, the more substantive story, is how a sudden city of young Americans arose briefly on a…

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