If I Were Queen of the Forest, Not King, Not Duchess, Not Princess

I heartily agree, my Queen!



If I were, as my friend Atrios does not say, “your benevolent empress,” I’d structure education and the lives of most people this way:

First, society would pay everyone a living stipend.  This would be enough to live on, in a rather basic manner.  You could rent a room in a rooming house, take public transportation, eat self-prepared healthy food, get needed medical care, buy a winter coat every few years, have a basic phone and computer, buy seeds and a trowel.  You could do nothing:  sleep all day, watch tv, wander the byways, stare at mushrooms, read every book in your local public library.  You could work at turning base materials into gold, spend decades translating ancient Sumerian into binary code, or give yourself over to raising the perfect La Cuisse de Nymphe Emu rose.

If you want more money than that, you could start your own business…

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