Fuck Their World–Let’s Make Our Own

Yes, this.


I took this photo a year ago today:

newgrange light

That’s midwinter solstice light spearing through Newgrange.

You maybe know the story. Maybe not.  I was selected from 30,000 people by Irish schoolchildren to be inside the tomb on that day. They pick 50 every year.

I didn’t put my name in; a friend did, instead, because he’d had weird visions where he kept thinking he saw me in Dublin.

Lots of things have happened in the last couple of years which utterly awe me, and I’m still shaking my head in wonder. The wild success of Gods&Radicals is another of those things.  So was the incredible turnout and intense feeling we were all doing something powerful at Many Gods West this year.

Peter Dybing wrote this really kind thing on his yearly list of ‘influential’ Pagans” yesterday:

As the co-founder of Gods and Radicals and the editor of A Beautiful…

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