Why This Republican Jew is Fighting to Defend American Muslims


Mikey WeinsteinBecause of Daesh. Because of the American Constitution.  Because of my great aunt, who survived the Holocaust.

Mikey Weinstein directs the Military Religious Freedom Foundation, a pit-bull watchdog defending separation of church and state in America’s armed forces. Most of the time when MRFF engages, it is because a service member has reported some type of violation and asked for assistance. Over 95 percent of MRFF’s clients are practicing Christians, who nonetheless reject being forced to participate in a superior officer’s Bible study or prayers, or who believe their vow to defend the Constitution bans state-sanctioned, state-funded religion, period.

Weinstein fights like a Republican and a soldier, deploying whatever force of language and law he can bring to bear with little regard for the rules of polite society. He uses words like “putrid” and “wretched“ when describing military displays of Christian triumphalism. His detractors react with

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