Who Will Be the Gods of Mars?

Very thought-provoking.


We live in age unheard of, an age unique. Before the end of the century humanity will be a multi-planetary species. We have dreamed of this.

In our lifetime humanity will leave planet Earth and settle on our distant cousin, that red dusty rock we call Mars. This is no longer a fantasy, this is reality. Tech companies and multinational corporations are pouring millions into getting us there with almost religious zeal; a friend of mine who actually works for Space X says that Elon Musk believes if we don’t get off-planet in 10 years “we’ll be doomed.” By who or what is yet unknown.

We, as witches, wizards, conjurers, and sorcerers must renew our titles as natural philosophers and meditate deeply on this. We have dreamed the goal but we have not yet fully dreamed it’s implications.

For one capitalism is becoming interplanetary; the naked search for profit(itself a…

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