Dr. Bones Special Communique: The Paris Attacks


Do you know what a Revenant is?

A Revenant is the spirit of someone who’s passed on, someone who haunts a place; not just any kind of spirit but a specifically negative or malicious one. They roam the wastes and fields, haunt homes and torture people because they either did not fulfill some “mission” in life or they died very resentful and angry.

In Paris, at the time of this writing, 150 of them have been newly minted.

From a spiritual perspective I can only have the faintest hints, the foggiest imaginings of what it was like for those innocent people to die: to be on a night out to watch a concert or eat food at a restaurant; to actively in engage in events filled with life…only to have the unimaginable happen. What were those moments like? To see these attackers? To feel the heat of a bullet rip…

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