Why I Am Hesitant About Hillary Clinton

Mike the Mad Biologist

Let me state right out that Clinton would be a better president than any of the Republicans on offer (though that could be construed as damning with faint praise). But what has frustrated me about being a Democrat since Bill Clinton’s presidency is that rank-and-file Democrats have had to fight like hell against the putative leaders of our party just to prevent things from getting worse.

Even though Bernie Sanders isn’t great on gun control (and I pointed this out long before it was cool), he does have one advantage:

Sanders is one way–not the only way–to put pressure on Clinton to adopt policies liked by the rank-and-file (could we for once, not have to fight our own party’s attempt to further shred what remains of the social safety net?).

Gaius Publius spells this out clearly (boldface mine):

Let’s look at what Sanders could accomplish without…

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