It’s Okay to Kill Each Other by Kate Brunner

Kate Brunner at Llyn MorwynionI drive my child to chess class. The truck in front of me has a tow hitch that is the profile of the chamber of a loaded six shooter. I pick another of my children up from a co-op class on entrepreneurship. The suburban minivan that passes me is covered in bullet hole decals & American flags.

We go to a local minor league baseball game– America’s game. The man seated a few rows ahead of us is wearing a t-shirt that says “I plead the 2nd” with the black silhouette of an M-16 on it.

My children’s friends invite them to a laser tag birthday party. My child’s birthday party package at a bowling alley comes complete with a round of laser tag for everyone. And all the children, even my own, are excited to play, excited to shoot at each other.

Children practice lock down drills as part…

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