When Abortions Are Outlawed, Only Outlaws Will Perform Abortions

Hell yeah!



I have more to say about the Magical Battle for Britain as a template for our times, but, although I am likely preaching to the choir, I am going to say this.


And, again.

And I’ll keep saying it until either I die or this bullshit stops. (Moi, je prefere le second.)

When abortions are outlawed, only outlaws will perform abortion. (It’s what the Second Amendment advocates say about guns. It’s true about other things, as well. Odd, how the logic is so seldom extended.) And outlaws perform their abortions in back alleys and cheap hotel rooms. They don’t use anesthesia and they don’t wash their hands. They use coat hangers instead of surgical implements and, when things go south, they don’t call an ambulance, they scram so that they aren’t caught. If the woman (and fetus!) bleeds out and dies, well, too bad.

It’s not as…

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