Claiming Abortion Care as a Positive Social Good—Four Steps to Permanently Change the Conversation and Win


Abortion - happy familyWill our daughters, sons and young neighbors have the same reproductive rights we have? Only if advocates of chosen childbearing tap the deep moral roots and emotions beneath abortion care.

Picture a future in which children come into the world by design rather than by default. In this future, young women and men pursue their dreams and form the families of their choosing without the ever-present risk of a surprise pregnancy that plagues young lives today. Contraceptives almost never fail, and most pregnancies are healthy thanks to “preconception care” and prenatal care. Even so, early screening lets prospective parents decide whether to carry forward the rare ill-conceived pregnancy or opt for a fresh start. Their decisions are honored either way. Since kids get created only when both parents feel ready, more babies have their toes kissed and receive the physical and emotional nourishment they need to blossom…

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