Why doesn’t Sex Ed teach us about pleasure?

Hell yes!

Belle Jar

Sex education classes at school are usually basic at best, if the school offers them at all. Compared to several people I spoke to who went to strict Catholic schools, who were taught abstinence and abstinence only, the classes I was allowed access to were certainly not as bad as they could have been. It’s only as I’ve grown up that I’ve realised how much they didn’t cover. In my memory of them, sex ed. classes were embarrassing, uncomfortable hours spent in stuffy classrooms watching videos that talked logistics in cold, purely anatomical terms, all of us desperately trying not to make eye contact with one another. The gist was that penis enters vagina, ejaculation occurs, and baby is made. Or not, if you put the condom on the banana as shown. Neat. The entire purpose of sex, in any case, was the male orgasm. LGBTQ relationships were ignored. The…

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