The Nantyglo Round Towers and Gated Communities


Nantyglo Round Tower (photo by David Smith)Nantyglo Round Tower” by David Smith. Licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0 via Commons.

The Nantyglo Round Towers in Wales were the last castle-style fortifications to be built in the UK.

Jeffrey L Thomas writes:

The Round Towers at Roundhouse Farm in Nantyglo, Wales, were built by industrialists Crawshay and Joseph Bailey, who, by the early 19th century controlled much of the iron resources in the region, including the massive iron works at Nantyglo located about a mile south of Brynmawr. Fearing that their workers would one day rise against them, in 1816 the Baileys built the last fortified tower in Britain as a place of refuge against a potential worker’s revolt. Today these ruins stand as unique and important reminder of the region’s industrial strife.

When I first visited the Nantyglo Round Towers, I was very struck by the way in which, rather than realising that the…

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