Going Galt for God



There have long been people whose religious beliefs made it impossible for them to live in what was, for them, the modern world. The Jews left Egypt and wandered in the desert for years. The Pilgrims left England for Europe, and then Europe for America, because they could not practice as they wished in England or Europe. They were willing to uproot their families, get on tiny, uncomfortable, dangerous boats and cross the Atlantic in order to live where they could give free rein to their religious beliefs.

Here on the East Coast, the Amish and Mennonites live in small enclaves where they do without the various forms of technology, dress, and customs that their religions disallow.

Some Quakers choose to live below the poverty level so that they won’t have to pay taxes that support war.

When America outlawed polygamy (you know, God’s traditional marriage between one man and…

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