The Disillusioned Pantheist

Yes, this.

Stone of Destiny

Our story begins only a few weeks ago, as a desperate soul posts on a Pagan forum looking for guidance from her fellows.

“I am a Pantheist,” she explains, “and I believe that the Earth is our goddess.  But lately, I’ve noticed so many bad things happening, like storms and droughts and earthquakes that hurt people, and I’m starting to wonder how she can really love and care for us when all these bad things keep happening.”

The answers that followed, for the most part, struck upon a singular theme: Nature lives in perfect harmony, but people have disrupted that delicate balance, and so ‘bad things’ happen.

Some of those answering even went so far as to suggest that monsoons and earthquakes and the like were Gaia’s punishment upon mankind for our collective transgressions against the natural world.

However surprising it may be to see so many self professed Pantheists borrowing…

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