Yes! This.

“And that’s where I think spirituality and religion comes in – the world of gods, spirits and magic. One may argue that these things only exist in our imagination, in our minds – but because we perceive the whole of reality in our minds, does this make them any less real?

This is also why I feel I can hold contradictory ideas about spirituality in my head. On the one hand, I am something of a Humanistic Pagan; I believe that nature is worth worshipping simply for its own sake, and that it doesn’t require the existence of deities or magic in order for us to respect and venerate it. But I am also a Theistic Pagan – I worship deities because I feel “right” in doing so, and I do feel something of a conscious, “spiritual” presence when in nature at times. I do not know exactly what I feel or believe, but I also realise that it doesn’t matter – just as it doesn’t really matter whether you perceive that dress as blue and black, or white and gold. Although it doesn’t seem to make sense, in a way, it’s both.”


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