The Eyes of Langston Hughes See the Current Black Struggle

Temple of Anjana


He was the god of the Harlem Renaissance; a man of the beleaguered black experience who brought its struggles to the world’s attention through visceral prose.

Langston Hughes is arguably the most prolific black poet of all time. His words, forty-eight years after his death, still eerily resonate with the African-American experience of the twenty-first century. Does that mean that there has been no progress for peace or that Langston himself was more than a poet, but a prophet of our disenfranchised culture?

The poems I am about to share with you are from Hughes’s compilation of poems called “The Panther and the Lash: Poems of Our Times.” It is important for every human being to recognize that the black experience is every culture’s experience. While the black experience has now been diluted with the milk of political correctness, there are still innocent blacks dying at the hands of police…

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