Identity Crisis: Who Are You?

Stone of Destiny

There has been a lot of fussing and fuming within the greater Pagan community, just lately, over Facebook’s policy regarding names.  The specific cause of this upset, is a recent change in that policy which has resulted in the closure of several accounts that did not utilize a legal or ‘true’ name, according to the Facebook terms of Service.

I’ve seen a number of people alleging that this policy amounts to discrimination against religious minorities, on the basis that many of those folks interact with each other, sometimes even publishing, using spiritual or ‘magical’ names that do not otherwise appear in their ‘mundane’ lives.

There are also those who only feel free to be themselves online, when using an assumed name, for fear that friends, family, and business associates will turn against them if the truth about their beliefs is revealed.

I feel like I have covered my feelings on…

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