Dahut At the Floodgate

Reading this, I feel as I did reading Peter Grey, and I wonder what is stirring inside me.

Rhyd Wildermuth

This is part of a series of posts I’ve realized I’ve needed to write for awhile but am only now understanding why.  This is also a review of Many Gods West, as much as an organizer can possibly review his own event.  But also not a review–a report, and a revelation, and a manifesto.

Dahut, for those unfamiliar, is a Breton sea witch, daughter of the ‘Queen of the North,’ responsible for the drowning of the Isle of Ys, banished by St. Corentin for her ‘crimes.’  She’s likely a Mari-Morgan, and appears to have some relationship to the cults of Arianrhod.

Sunset over Caer Arianrhod Sunset over Caer Arianrhod

Aranrot drem clot tra gwawr hinon,
Mwyhaf gwarth y marth o parth Bryth(r)on:
Dysbrys am y llys efnys afon,
Afon a’e hechrys gwrys gwrth terra,
Gwenwyn y chynbyt kylch byt ed a.

Aranrot whose beauty surpasses the radiance of dawn,
Her terrifying was the greatest…

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