“Steps Toward A Dionysian Naturalism: Making the Earth Sacred in a Time of Ecological Disaster, Part 3” by Wayne Martin Mellinger, Ph.D.

Humanistic Paganism

This is Part 3 of a 3-part series.

Spiritual Practices to Make the Natural World a Sacred Object

Modern secular society tends to regard the natural world as something for humans to use.  This “utilitarian creed” is reinforced by an extreme anthropocentrism in which humans constantly imagine that it is all about them–that the world exists solely to satisfy human desire.  They worship the gods of Progress, Economic Growth and Profit, and faith in this trinity has led to a near ecological collapse.  Humans are so asleep to the consequences of this mechanistic conception of nature that we need a revolutionary religion to jolt open our eyes and awaken us to the world we’ve created.  We are born of the earth, live all our days within it and shall ultimately return to it.

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