These Words Change EVERYTHING… #ReGenesis3_16



by Katherine Cunningham.

‘Tis an honour to hold your attention. This, with your time and energy make up the trilogy of your power, and I am grateful to have been given it here.

Poetry and Magicks, conjuring with words. We do it all the time, speak something into existence. There is a time of rhyme in my head, where everything has meaning,
a metaphor,
to understand what the matter is for.
All can be seen for the double entendre’s.
Words weave worlds, the stories we tell ourselves and each other.
Our Warp and our Weft,
Our Right and our Left,
Dissolve Coagula.
There are words that bind us, written millenniums ago to contain us. These words will change now that we have voice, now we can wield the pen, keyboard and microphone.

Words. What are their value? What do they cost, cost us? To use, to share, to rid ourselves…

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