Pagans and Politics


What is the relationship between Paganism(s) and politics? Some have argued that Paganism is not political. Some have criticised the political style and presentation of the emerging polytheist movement. Some are uncomfortable with the politics around consent culture, racism, gender, and sexuality in Paganism and polytheism. Some are uncomfortable with the critique of capitalism offered by Gods and Radicals.

I don’t really understand the arguments that Paganism isn’t political, so I won’t attempt to present them here, because I will only end up presenting a caricature. Yes, this is an unashamedly one-sided piece about why I think Paganism is political. You do not have to agree with me. I write to encourage people to think; I am aware that plenty of people disagree with me.

I do agree with those who say that being Pagan doesn’t automatically predispose people to a particular political stance. There are Pagans…

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