Not Choice but Choices: An Interview with Abortion Counselor and Advocate Charlotte Taft


Charlotte Taft“We focus on abortion as if that were the conversation, but we have been bamboozled into putting our focus there.”

When you think about abortion, what comes to mind? A woman’s right? The Religious Right? Feminists, or fetal photography, or fundamentalists? Do you see the color pink—as in Planned Parenthood—or the color red—as in anger and blood? If you worked in abortion care, the answer probably would be none of the above.

Threats and stigma have forced abortion providers and clinic staff out of the public eye and out of public discourse about abortion, and that—according to providers themselves—is a problem. It is a problem because it has created a political dialogue has very little overlap with the lived experience of women seeking abortion care and the women and men who serve them.

Pro-choice advocacy frequently invokes terms like rights, privacy, and health. But those who provide abortion care say…

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