Apocalyptic Paradoxes


Last night I went to see “Mad Max: Fury Road” — a surprisingly moving and powerful movie about traumatized people fleeing slavery in a world turned into a wasteland by a nuclear apocalypse and coming together to fight for liberation.

Leaving the movie I was struck by the fact that most of the stories people in our culture tell about organized resistance against oppression are set in dystopias created in the wake of a cataclysm.   And indeed, apocalyptic events seem to be the only thing most people believe can bring an end to capitalism.   From people praying and organizing to bring about the collapse of civilization, to people stocking bunkers with food, guns, and gold, to rumors of the wealthy fearing retaliation, the sense that we are on the verge of apocalyptic change seems to have a powerful grip on the imaginations of many.

We are living in a century…

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