So tired

I wrote on Friday, but not over the weekend.  I’m so tired.  I got up early on Saturday for a movie I ended up not getting into and then played Warhammer all day.  I had a nice few hours on Friday night by myself though and even had the chance to listen to some rain.  Too much to do on Sunday as always, plus a quick visit from the parents.  I’m just TIRED.

I feel like I need a day off, or maybe a week.  Maybe a month.  Nothing I have to do.  A slower pace of life.  Time to read.  Time to write.  No sense of urgency about anything.  It could be on a tropical beach or in a mountain cabin; it doesn’t matter.

I don’t really do that much, but I feel overwhelmed by life.  Maybe it’s the news.  I don’t care who’s “at fault” in Gaza.  Too many children are dying.  Too many places are like this.  Death and destruction and for what?  Power, control, money, land?  It’s all bullshit.  Most people just want to live their lives and raise their kids and have some fun once in a while.  Those of the people who get shot and blown up and lose their homes.  Never the bastards ordering the shooting and explosions.  I have to wonder, if they went through everything the “civilians” go through, would they still want to fight?


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